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How We Find Ourselves Here In Personal Banking

How we find ourselves here in Personal Banking

We come to the Personal Banking mindset from different directions. But there is a common thread.  There comes a point, even if someone has not suggested to you that there was a different way of dealing with “all this”, that you realized you had to find a different way.

You worry about retirement. You worry about how to get ahead. Like everyone else you worry about your bills, taxes,  trying to see your future as something greater than what you have today.  Something more than just “getting by”.  You notice that people that you know don’t have much of an idea either. There are entire TV networks devoted to telling somebody out there—who has more money than you—how to make more money. But deep down you suspect it’s a rigged deal. The truth is, instead of being savers, we are forced to become investors because we are told getting a better rate of return is going to save us. That’s just not true. Investment has real risk. Savings has always been what society has built itself upon.  Savings should have the absolute minimal amount of risk that one is exposed to the world of money.

Savings in things of real value, like gold (and I like gold–did you notice the site’s colors?), has the absolute lowest risk. The problem has, there’s no gain, no compound interest. We fail to recognize the power of money in motion and the importance that savings has: it propels our society, and you too, to a better future. This is how we as a civilization got to where we are now. The problem is, perhaps, that we think we have ended that road. That’s also not true. The friend who suggested you come here and learn about this concept has done you a great favor. I think truly that it will change your life as it has changed mine.   A solid plan is far better than hope.  I hope you stay for the ride.

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