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Independence Day, Every Day

Independence Day, Every Day

Those of us who go on and on about the government and their central bankers printing trillions of dollars may not have been making our point strongly enough.

The creation of money, real money, involves the hard work of a person, like you.  It means that for some amount of time and effort you put into a project, you exchange that for something—an item, money or currency—that you can then later exchange for food, shelter, clothing, etc.

How much can you do in an hour?  A surgeon can do a lot, like save a life.  So that hour has a lot more value than say, someone standing around holding a sign.

You choose how to spend that hour.  You choose how many hours to prepare, study, or practice to be able to do something in that hour.

What ever that amount of effort is, imagine that by the wave of a magic gun (government), what you just got paid is now worth 10% less.

You were robbed.  Just as sure as the gun was in your face at an ATM.

When a government floods an economy with fake currency, created not by work, but by the fiat of a ruling elite, it robs us all, every day.

Imagine the crime times twenty trillion.  Unimaginable.  That’s how they get away with it,  Like Stalin and his murders, one tragedy becomes merely a statistic.

This Independence Day, let’s try to remember how much of our lives are stolen by the hidden theft committed by the banking cartel.  Isn’t that something worthy to get upset about, to do something about, to fight about?

Privatized Banking is the American way of fighting this crime.  If you don’t know about it, you should.

Happy Independence Day.

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