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Taking Sides On Bank Regulation Doesn’t Matter

Taking Sides on Bank Regulation Doesn’t Matter

A particularly clickbait-y article caught my eye:

Senate Votes to Kill CFPB Anti-Arbitration Rule

First of all, who can decipher the logic of this statement, “voting to kill an anti-arbitration rule”. WTF?  Try reading it.

OK, to not take the bait, the political football is either: Government bureaucracy protects you from the banks or bad people want to stop them from protection you.

The reality:  The commercial banking system is rigged against you.

Both positions are losers. This is about how much protection the government gives its banking pals…and how often you need to sue them. Whether or not it is easy to sue, individually or in a class action, or have to use arbitration, is entirely not the point.

Why should we be exposing ourselves to this risk at all? Isn’t it very clear, in the aftermath of the 2008 (and other) banking and Wall Street failures that no one who is on the inside is going to get punished for losing your money? And that you will never get it back?  The mechanics of the so-called “justice” you seek does not matter.  You won’t get it.

This is more slight-of-hand by the powers that be.  My advice:  Don’t play their rigged game. They already have all the laws they need to confiscate your money when they need to.

Our option is to peaceably leave their system by establishing private banking processes for ourselves, our families, our businesses.  That’s the hidden truth you need to know.

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