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The Taboo Of Talking About Money

The Taboo of Talking About Money

In America, there is a taboo about taking about money.  Maybe it is the fear of greed, envy, or the possibility of invoking those emotions in others.  If I have too much, someone hearing about it may want to take it from me or ask to borrow it.  If I have too little, then they may look down upon me as a failure, a lesser being.

This is all crap thinking and it must stop.

In our solitary silence, we face down the monster of monetary ignorance alone.  Alone, it devours us.  Ask your friends.  Look at your financial affairs, your accounts.  Whatever “class” you think you are in (and I don’t think the elites are reading this),  you find yourself at the mercy of others, of the banks, of Wall Street, of the system.  This is not a conspiracy.  It is a system set up  to extract money from you. Look around.  Small businesses struggling for loans.  Student debt.  Car loans that now extend to 5 and 6 years.  Credit card interest rates.  Late fees, application fees, points. Taxes when you earn and save, and taxes when you retire.

You can stay silent or break free.  First learn from facts, real numbers, real history.  Don’t take shortcuts.  There is no magic pill to swallow.  If you’d rather just binge watch Netflix, you will probably always be poor.  I think you are better than that.

Take a an hour a week to start.  Find a friend, coworker, someone to start asking the questions. Don’t expect them to know the answers, they are searching like you.  Just know that you are not alone.

Don’t turn to the rabble rousers on cable TV.  They work for the system.  They endorse the way things are . They like it that way, and get paid enough not to care how it affects you.

Where to start:  Take just one hour to discuss Personal Banking.  It will change your life.  Some of us know that  there is a better way.

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