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The Economy Is Not A Thing

The Economy is Not a Thing

It is us.  Our choices. Our actions.

Their concept is only a feeble observation, a pathetic summary of the thoughts and decisions of millions of people.  Each resulting in real profit or loss.  Some worse.

Yet the government, the central bankers and their pals would “nudge us” into the slaughter pens they choose.

Or just choose to shear us, at least for one year more.

Their policies are merely this years threats and bribes to distort our decisions, cause us to invest incorrectly, to overproduce or underproduce, to waste our precious time and resources.  They masquerade as “programs” to better things much more better.  But they are useless dirt in the machines of our thoughts, a disease in our lifeblood.

Their predictions are worthless at best, and usually self-serving lies.  Every new promise of a better tomorrow usually means the thief class is getting another bonus from our wealth.

Well meaning advisors try to maneuver your investments (because you don’t have savings anymore) into the next less worse options, but usually into the next honeytrap.  At all levels of our society, the racket plays out, the financial class and their masters suck us more and more dry.

How about cutting off their bloodline?   How about putting a hot torch to that tick?  Fire your banker and become your own.

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